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          My blog is inspired by both my love of fashion and my views on modesty. A very well known and unique book says that women ought to dress with "modesty and soundness of mind" (1 Tim. 2:9 NWT). This just emphasizes that the importance of not just dressing in order to catch up with the latest trend but really putting thought as to how the way we dress reflects onto others. With that in mind, people often feel that it is hard to do, especially since a lot of the latest trends do not promote that idea. However, I hope that this blog can help my readers and viewer to find and style modest clothing.

Answers to your questions:

How old are you?
~ I am 19 years old going onto 20 this year (2016).

Where do you live?
~I live in the US. 

When do you blog?
~ I blog Monday through Thursday. I like to take the weekend to focus on other things :)

Do you have social media?

~ I only have an Instagram. You can find the link on my navigation bar above

Who takes your pictures?
-My good friend Laura

What camera does she use?
-I believe it's the Canon Rebel T3i

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